Design verification
Everything you need to know for becoming IC Design Verification Engineer!
Why Design Verification Program?
Design verification engineer
Design verification engineer is the most in-demand job profile in the VLSI industry currently. If you have the aptitude for testing and verification of complex IC designs, this course is custom designed for you.
Design verification engineer
An ASIC verification engineer works with system designers and architects to test performance and validate hardware components and systems.
Design verification engineer
You plan and develop a verification environment while coordinating with developers and architects throughout the design process.
Highlights of the program
This program offers a comprehensive, well-researched and developed training material for understanding how Design works in the real industry.
Small Batches of 10 members
Get enrolled in small batches of 10 members and get focussed attention from teachers
Live & Interactive Sessions
It’s not just videos that you would learn from but live and interactive sessions from expert teachers
Why Should you Learn through E-Box ?
Practice Oriented Learning
High Quality Content
A - Z, You name the company and You Will Find E-Box Alumnus There!
We have successfully moulded over 10 lakh students from 100+ colleges and universities and we have a very strong alumni network across the globe
What Learners Say
I had PD Training for one year and gained more knowledge in it. Training had both theory and labs. It started from fundamentals of vlsi and ended up with some projects related to PD. Those projects were useful and learnt to solve errors in it. Lab session made me more familiar with the tools.

Dhivya S

You will Learn through our Scientifically Designed & Proven 5 Step Practice Oriented Learning Process
Encompasses exercises which enable the learners to recall and find the facts from course materials pertaining to the session
Intends to train the learners in justifying the decisions and course of actions through experimenting and hypothesising for generating new ideas and products thereby changing the ways of viewing things
Includes exercises which enable the learners to explore the ideas, interpret, summarise and paraphrase by referring to various information available in books and other resources.
Evaluates the ability of learners in solving problems under time constrained environment while attempting to showcase their acquired skills
Aims at training the learners in applying the concepts and constraints in other familiar situation and break the solutions into parts to analyse the correlation between parts
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