Coding isn’t just Fun, it is a Serious Skill to be Practiced!
Do you want your child to be not just a Drag and Drop Coder, but a Real Programmer? Let your Child become a Real Programmer with the World’s Largest Tech Skilling Platform - E-Box
Why Coding ?
Coding is a Skill
Coding is a Skill that needs to be acquired with hours of Hands On Practice on Real Programming Languages
Coding is a Not a Game
Coding is not a Drag and Drop game to be played like building a Lego Game or Playing with Visual Block Based Coding Software
Coding is solving Real World Problems
Coding is not just about creating stories and animations.Coding is all about creating Application Software to solve real word problems.
Coding is a Catalyst
Coding is a serious one that helps you drive innovation, build confidence, improve creativity and imbibe many other auxillary skills like Precision Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Computational Thinking, Structured thought process, Analytical Thinking
Hear from the Experts

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.

Stephen Hawking

Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist & Author
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Your Child wouldn’t just be a Drag and Drop Coder but a Real Programmer
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Why Learn to Code? The Surprisingly Broad Benefits of Coding
Can you imagine our world a decade or two from now? It is difficult isn’t it? That is because of the rate at which the world is changing. A decade or two is not far away at standard pace of time, but is far at the rate at which life is changing. It is important to match the pace of change to be successful or we are sure to be left behind. What would it take for the i-Generation or the generation Alpha to be successful? The solution is simple; they should start speaking to machines. Sounds weird? Did it not sound weird when people said that AR Rahman, as a child could speak to a keyboard or that Illayaraja spoke to a harmonium? Today each of the two is a maestro. We all have seen kids speaking to toys. Haven’t we? Hence, speaking to machines is not weird. It will not be. Unless, you are a pre-telephone era person watching someone speak to a Bluetooth device.
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Your Child will Learn through our Scientifically Designed & Proven 5 Step Practice Oriented Learning Process
In this session, your child will find video lectures and other resources to learn the concepts.
In this session, your child will start designing and creating your own programs.
In this session, your child will find interesting set of activities which will make you explore more on the specific topic.
In this session, your child will have activities to self assess your knowledge and skills on the specific topic.
In this session, your child will find varieties of exercises to improve your code analysis, testing and debugging skills.
Why should you choose E-Box for Learning & Skilling ?
Practice Oriented Learning
High Quality Content
24 x 7 Support
Industry Mentors
Auto Evaluation
AI Blended Learning
Personalised Learning
Real Time Metrics
What do our Learners Say about E-Box
I want to be an Engineer so learning everthing not just subjects in improving and innovating things.E-Box helps me in improving logical thinking and reasoning.


IX STD, Sri chaitanya techno school
Frequently asked Questions
Any student from 6th standard to 12th standard who are interested in Coding can enroll.
E-Box is the most loved platform by Corporates. Many top corporates like Cognizant, HCL, UST, FSS, Zoho, Payoda, Virtusa ... are our clients. By enrolling in this pack, you can make your kid to learn Coding in the right way.
  • Drives innovation
  • Improves creativity
  • Builds confidence
  • Translates to success on other areas as well
Engineers with years of experience in Coding / Academics
  • World class curriculum
  • Live Online Tutoring / Lecture Sessions
  • Activity Based and Practice Oriented Coding Activities
  • Instant feedback and support through E-Box, an AI Driven Learning Platform
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