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Highlights of using E-Box - The World's Largest Technology Enabled Active Learning Platform for Skilling and Engineering Education
Practice Oriented Learning
Learn Engineering the way it has to be through Practice Oriented Learning
AI Driven Personalised Mentoring
AI Driven Personalised Mentoring improves the learning effectiveness by a significant percentage.n
Adaptive Learning
Learn at you own pace through Adaptive Learning
Digital Profiling
Digital Profile captures different aspects of learning like proactiveness,interest level, learning pattern, learning style.
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Collects and maintains detailed, high quality learning data that are linked across entities and over time, providing a complete academic and performance history for each student.
Intelligent Data Analysis and Metrics
Detailed reports and analysis on different parameters of learning.
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E-Box is a Technology Enabled Active Learning and
Assessment platform for technology and engineering
domains apart from the basic LMS components like
quizzes, assignments, lesson components.

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