Project Overview

United Health Clinic (UHC) is the largest Healthcare Clinical group established in the country. It offers family medicine services, and health screening. It is organized as convenient one-stop Center, which collectively offer a comprehensive range of medical services to meet the specific needs of the patients. At the clinic, specialists work as a team, leveraging on individual strengths, to provide patients with holistic care. They are ​committed to quality.

United Health Clinic has selected Servlets and JSP as the most suitable technology as Servlets and JSP provides Web technology approach and good database connectivity using MySQL and JSTL tags. Servlets and JSP supports the application with user friendly forms, session maintainence and authenticating the users using filters effectively which is a key requirement for UHC Application’s success.

United Health Clinic plans to have Consultant Management, Patient Management and Appointment modules that cover their main areas of the applications

Project Outcome

You will be responsible for developing the entire application from start including usecase diagram design, class diagram design, domain designs and Coding and Development.

On successful completion of the project, you would have gained experience in developing web applications including session maintainance.You will be equipped to develop Web Applications using Servlets and JSP independently.

Project Highlights

Servlets and JSP Project contains project activities involving

  • Servlets Basics
  • Form Data Processing
  • Events and Listeners
  • Session Management
  • Filters
  • JSP Elements and Directives
  • JSP Implicit Objects and Action Tags
  • JSP Expression Language
  • JSTL and Custom Tags

Business problem statement represents a real-time problem requiring solution with web technology. Project is structured by sub-functionalities and is auto-evaluated for correctness and accuracy.

Guided Support

As part of Project guidance, templates & help tips are provided with the practice project to handle main project development successfully. You will be able to develop the entire project with minimal support and gain knowledge rapidly.

Learning Courses

Internship Online mentors will guide and enable you in completing the below listed courses . These courses help in strengthening the fundamentals needed for successful project development.

Project Screens

Sample Screen Design of the to-be implemented project for performing the sales and retail activities

Demo Video

A view of the to-be developed project in Healthcare domain is provided.

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