Project Overview

Lanchester Bank(LB) is one of the leading retail banks in the country focusing on Businesses and Individual Customers. The Bank has multiple branches across the country to cater to their target segments. As part of growth plan, they are planning to develop online banking into one of their core business area. Areas like Credit Cards, Loan application processing, Account Status view by customer are to be made available in the online banking business.

Lanchester Bank has selected Spring and Hibernate as the most suitable technology as this framework provides Spring MVC, security and good database connectivity using MySQL. Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection and Hibernate are needed to promote good software coding practices and speed up development time.

Lanchester Bank plans to have Customer Management, Loan Management and Credit Card Management modules that cover their main areas of the application.

Project Outcome

You will be responsible for developing the entire application from start including usecase diagram design, class diagram design, domain design and Coding and Development.

On successful completion of the project, you would have gained experience to build a complete Spring MVC and Hibernate project from the conceptual phase.

Project Highlights

Spring and Hibernate Project contains project activities involving

  • Spring Core
  • Spring MVC with controllers
  • Spring MVC form validation
  • Hibernate API
  • Hibernate mappings: one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many
  • Selenium

Business problem statement represents a real-time problem requiring solution with ORM technologies. Project is structured by sub-functionalities and is auto-evaluated for correctness and accuracy.

You will also learn to test the entire application using Selenium framework

Guided Support

As part of internship Project guidance, templates & help tips are provided with the practice project to handle main project development successfully. You will be able to develop the entire project with minimal support and gain knowledge rapidly.

Learning Courses

Internship Online mentors will guide and enable you in completing the below listed courses. These courses help in strengthening the fundamentals needed for successful project development.

Project Screens

Sample Screen Design of the to-be implemented project for performing the banking related activities

Demo Video

A view of the demo project utilized for Guided Support is provided.

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