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The following had been our dream curriculum for Information Technology to be rendered through E-Box. This programme is completely Pratice Oriented with higher emphasis on foundational skills. We have carefully carved most of the features in E-Box that are needed for making the entire IT curriculum practice oriented.

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India has made significant progress towards the goal of Education for All during the past few years. Several programmes have been formulated and implemented to advance the goal of Education for All. These policies and programmes have been implemented through collaborative efforts of Central Government and various State Governments. But these policies and schemes are implemented till school education alone.

How to extend this goal of Education for All to higher education as well?

E-Box is a learning product with a sole objective of Revolutionizing Indian Engineering Education. We are planning to offer free Engineering Programmes to all Indian students interested to learn Engineering. These Engineering Programmes would emphasize on the technical foundations as well as Skills. These programmes will be purely practice oriented with supplementary certification programmes and industry recognized internships.
year 1

SEMESTER 1 ( 7 Courses ) 25 Credits

Course Name Type Credits
Python Basics for Beginners: Learn Python Fundamentals Skill 4
Computational Thinking for Problem Solving Skill 4
Problem Solving and Programming Using C Skill 4
Information Domains and Processing Intro 4
Linear Algebra Intro 4
Console Application Development Using C Internship 5
Technical English-I Intro -

SEMESTER 2 ( 7 Courses ) 25 Credits

Course Name Type Credits
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Skill 4
Structured Programming Using Java Skill 4
Digital Principles and System Design Skill 4
Transforms and Partial Differential Equations Skill 4
Console Application Development Using Java Internship 5
Information Coding Techniques Internship 4
Technical English - II Intro -
year 2

SEMESTER 3 ( 8 Courses ) 29 Credits

Course Name Type Credits
Computer Architecture Intro 4
Data Structures in C Skill 4
Object Oriented Programming Using Java Skill 4
Internet Programming / HTML, CSS and JavaScript Skill 4
Discrete Mathematics Intro 4
Static Website Creation Internship 5
Applied English Intro -
Information processing History and Trends Intro 4

SEMESTER 4 ( 7 Courses ) 19 Credits

Course Name Type Credits
Database Management Systems(MySQL) Skill 4
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Skill 4
Operating Systems Intro 4
Computer Networks Intro 4
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Skill 4
Probability and Statistics Intro 4
Soft skills Intro 5
year 3

SEMESTER 5 ( 6 Courses ) 25 Credits

Course Name Type Credits
Object Oriented Analysis and Design Skill 4
Software Engineering Models Skill 4
Introduction to UI/UX Skill 4
Text Processing, Analytics and Mining Skill 4
Analysing and Architecting an OO Software System Internship 5
Discussing and Debating in English Intro 4

SEMESTER 6 ( 7 Courses ) 21 Credits

Course Name Type Credits
Internet Programming / Servlets and JSP Skill 4
Introduction to Machine Learning Intro 4
Introduction to Data Science Intro 4
Image Processing, Analytics and Mining Intro 4
Application Development on Web Skill 4
Data Science Case Study Internship 5
Presentation Skills for Interview Intro 4
year 4

SEMESTER 7 ( 8 Courses ) 39 Credits

Course Name Type Credits
Introduction to Game Development Intro 4
Introduction to RPA Intro 4
Introduction to Web Frameworks Intro 4
Cloud Computing Intro 4
Mobile Application Development Intro 4
Video Processing, Analytics and Mining Intro 4
Capstone Project I Project 10
Entrepreneurial Thinking Workshop Workshop 5

SEMESTER 8 ( 3 Course ) 19 Credits

Course Name Type Credits
Mass Information - Processing and Communication Skill 5
Capstone Project II Project 10
Workshop on Ideation Workshop 5

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