An Exclusive Interview with T.Kumar
Q1. What technology can do to your learning?

During your school how many times your teacher has come to you and gave feedback about your performance in a very constructive manner? or How many times you are reluctant to go to your teacher for clarification? Absolutely in either case we think twice or 99% of the time we kept quiet. Is that correct?

Q2. What was holding us back to ask those simple or silly question and get clarified?

The fear of perception holds us back. But take another scenario, You want to know a direction to a place? Would you mind asking someone or asking google? Without hesitation you will type it in google search, you don’t even mind about the grammatical correctness of your typing. Is it so?The first think, which technology does to learning environment is removing that fear of asking question. Assume that you have overcome the fear and asked a question to your teacher, how many times you got constructive feedback or Post correction of the exam paper, how many times you got personal feedback on where you lack or where you are excelling?

Q3. All you get is, very good or poor performer tag? Isn’t?

The second think, which technology does to your learning is it gives you very specific feedback on your performance. It will help the individual to positive action on getting better at a given subject or How many times teachers uses your exam performance to tweak their teaching effectiveness? It is pretty difficult to manually draw an inference on teaching effectiveness with pen and paper assessment. The third think, which technology does to the teaching is it helps the teacher to identify and support students who needs more care. It makes teacher to tweak his teaching method to bring every student into his class.

The top three things that technology influences in the learning environment are,

  1. It removes the fear of asking questions
  2. It gives the student a constructive feedback
  3. It gives input to the teacher to improve teaching effectiveness

Is there a platform which enable the above? Yes, E-Box, an AI powered learning management system plays major role in current learning eco system.

Do you think that the above are fictional or a simple theory of what E-Box can do? No, we have experimented with many learners across different corporates and educational institutes.

For one of our Fortune 500 customers, for the last five years we have played an instrumental role to transform their graduate training program. More than fifty thousand learners used our platform to learn programming skills.

During the initial days they have leveraged E-box platform for evaluating the technical skills like programming using different languages and databases.

As they matured and enhanced the learning models to improve quality of the outcome and experience of the trainees, they have started leveraging E-Box capabilities to implement some of the adult learning principles.

They have carefully designed learning program using E-Box to encourage learners to practice and maximized the platform usage where they minimized manual intervention during the training program.

It is worth mention that mention the way they leveraged the analytics which got generated out of the learner’s footprint, they were able to take positive action to support learners. They have seeded lead indicators using the platform and created insightful dashboards which helped them to take timely action to improve the quality of the training program.

Many of their programs also nominated for forums like Brandon Hall and own awards in the category of “Best advancement in corporate learning”.

Q4. Why only to corporates?

When there is so much benefit in leveraging a platform like E-Box in learning environment, we are bringing technology driven learning to your children’s in our colleges to give them FEARLESS learning.