An Exclusive Interview on E-Box Colleges with Dr. Subraya, Mentor and Executive Council Advisor, E-Box Colleges
Q1. Kindly share your experience as a mentor of E-Box team

The E-box team is highly focused on its goals and mission. Its mission is to provide for and implement a system of education in contrast to the system currently followed in most engineering schools. The success of the E-box system is dependent both on the results of its implementation and its ability to continuously evolve, addressing the fluctuating needs of society in education while also constantly adhering to E-box’s core principles. E-box team is firmly committed and owns a sense of responsibility to support these ingredients of success.

With more than 15 years of herculean effort and experience, the team led by Dr. Pradeep Kumar is aware of the necessities and requirements of engineering that the industries require and of students’ needs and aspirations. It has amassed knowledge and skill – both technical and in content - in various directions to make possible this novel system. Its work in content engineering, technology, competency development and quality assurance makes me confident that the team will deliver on its promise of an effective system of engineering education for the betterment of our society. I am happy to be associated with the team and be a game changer in the area of higher education.

Q2. Why E-Box Colleges are important at this juncture?

In this result-focused utilitarian world, the quality of education and of learning itself is of least priority to Governments, Industries, parents and students themselves while the demand of good engineers is an unquenchable requirement to these same stake holders of engineering education. As is observable, the conventional system of education followed is falling apart in most schools under this pressure of meeting the requirement but without emphasis on the method of transfer of knowledge.

E-box colleges fills in with a better model focusing both on the result and the method. We guide and mentor students in a unique way while making them capable of building their careers as per their aspirations. We leverage contemporary technology to transfer knowledge and skill without diluting quality.

Q3. You are designing the Digital Education Management Model for E-Box Colleges. How different is it from the conventional Model?

A philosophy we fundamentally believe in is that an explorative and active method of learning is essential for building a strong holistic conceptual foundation and also for the student to enjoy learning. Only with this joy among students can there be a possibility of something new. And for this something new to be sustainable and useful, a holistic and strong foundation imbibed in them in necessary. Our model emphasizes this philosophy.

We introduce concepts, exercises and real world problems and encourage the students to think both on the questions and the answers. We do this digitally and interactively. We collect data and analyze the students at every level from their steps in solutions to their overall answer, and also the time intervals between solving problems and understanding concepts. Based on this continuous study, we provide guidance and help students overcome hurdles. We want to address students with an entrepreneurial bent as well. Thus we are developing our model to intrinsically make them independent in finding solutions to real world problems. In view of all this, ensuring competence of the faculty is essential and we spend no less energy or thoughts for ensuring the same. We continuously develop and evaluate the faculty.

E-box colleges are uniformly governed and we approach all as one. Although the faculty and students are geographically separated, digitally they are interwoven.

Q4. How soon E-Box Colleges will transform into E-Box Universities?

E-box structure is the need of the hour. Its success so far has engendered a demand to expand into other areas of study. This need will transform E-box colleges into E-box Universities.

Q5. Your Advice to students who are aspiring to become Engineers?

An engineer is one who designs technology and uses science to solve real world problems sustainably. I wish to emphasize design, utility of science, sustainability and real-world-problems as used in the definition. A strong sense of the method of engineering and of the scientific ideas required in solving a problem is unequivocally essential. But in your study, also learn to bind yourself to reality and not just find a problem for the sake of it. Spend time finding essential problems. Understand these problems fundamentally so as not to over-solve them. Solve them sustainably in harmony with all parts of society and environment.

A career catering to your needs as well as fulfilling your responsibility as an engineer is what you should look for.

Q6. Your Advice to Parents who want to set an Engineering roadmap for their kids

Look for institutes that have a good learning ecosystem than those that just market their past glory

Happiness of your children is undoubtedly what you strive for. Explain and help them understand what their own life-needs and future requirements maybe. Nonetheless, encourage them to enjoy what they do and expose them to different areas but finally let them decide their interests.

As parents you have all the right to monitor your child’s progress and it is essential that you do so. Spend time and be learned in what they aspire to be. Remember to restrain from overbearing.

Q7. Why should students choose to study in E-Box Colleges?

The evolving structure of E-box and students’ feedback suggest that our aims and principles are gradually being fulfilled in practice. E box colleges also have a record of skilling students as required by the industries with industry professionals and academicians attesting the same. We are committed to shape our students into good engineers.