Embedded Systems Courses

Embedded Systems are function specific computer systems coupled with electrical and/or mechanical systems to perform the specific task. The factor that isolates embedded system from others is that, they are subjected to real time constraints.

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Embedded Systems Courses


The embedded systems have dedicated I/O ports and interfaces for programming the system which is mostly controlled by one or many processors and controllers. They are commonly found in industrial, automotive, medical, commercial and military applications. Mostly, the embedded systems are not stand alone, they rather work along with other systems and comprise a part of a larger system. This makes the embedded systems influenced by and influencing other systems around them.


Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will be able to :
  • Understand the basic architecture of existing microprocessor and microcontroller systems.
  • Understand the basic difference between RISC and CISC architectures.
  • Have basic understanding on memory components like RAM, ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash.
  • Understand different addressing modes of assembly code.
  • Program controllers and processors using assembly code.
  • Have basic overview of components in an embedded system including I/O ports, peripherals, Sensors etc.
  • Work with common interfaces like LCD, LED, HEX keyboard, motors etc.
  • Understand basic Embedded C constructs.
  • Have basic overview of ATMEL 8051, PIC controllers.

Course Content


In this module, you will learn the basics of embedded systems like the basic architectures of existing processors, controllers and overview about RISC and CISC architecture.

  • 1 Video
  • 3 Hours
  • 25 Problems

Basic design

In this module, you will learn about the importance and application of analog and digital designs in Embedded systems. It overviews about the specific timing constraints of the embedded systems.

  • 1 Video
  • 6 Hours
  • 24 Problems

Assembly programming

In this module, you will be introduced to assembly language programming. It covers different addressing modes in assembly language programming, basic instruction set and their operating behavior.

  • 1 Video
  • 10 Hours
  • 34 Problems

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

In this module, you will learn and practice few exercises on the assembly language programming specific to 8051 processors and 8085 controllers.

  • 2 Videos
  • 15 Hours
  • 34 Problems

Embedded C programming

In this module, you will learn about the basic difference between Embedded C and C programming language. It will cover the functionality and constructs of Embedded C and also acts as a bridge to do high level programming from assembly code.

  • 1 Video
  • 8 Hours
  • 24 Problems

Programming with PIC

In this module, you will procure the knowledge about the usage of Embedded C programming in PIC controller with the help of few basic applications that can be programmed in PIC.

  • 1 Video
  • 16 Hours
  • 27 Problems

Working Interfaces

In this module, you will be engaged to use basic interfaces like motors, LCD, LED etc. in PIC, 8051, 8085 systems. It also helps to achieve the basic applicability of the systems in real time applications.

  • 2 Videos
  • 10 Hours
  • 24 Problems

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