JavaScript for Beginners - Learn JavaScript from Scratch

This course will guide you through the absolute basics and show you everything you need to learn in order to get started with JavaScript. The course will guide you through the concepts that a beginner JavaScript developer needs to know in order to progress at a rapid pace and work within the language with confidence and consistency.

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Learn through our Scientifically Designed & Proven 5 Step Practice Oriented Learning Process
JavaScript for Beginners - Learn JavaScript from Scratch
  • 8 Hrs of lecture Videos
  • 69 hands-on practice exercises
  • 16 Assessment exercises
  • 224 knowledge based questions
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  • Course Completion Certificate
Value Additions
About the Course

In this course, you will learn how JavaScript works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your ability to debug problems. This course follows a hands-on, example-driven approach to show and explain all the important features added to JavaScript. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about web development.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will be able to

    Course Content
    JS Basics

    In this module you will get full information about how JavaScript provide dynamic interactivity on websites. We'll show how to add some basic JavaScript functionalities to your page like printing a welcome message using Javascript, single and multiline comments using and //, changing a CSS property using JavaScript and also there will be some good programming practice tips throughout this module.

    • 3 Videos
    • 5 Hrs
    • 30 Problems
    JS Control Statements

    Control statements which allows you to create scripts that can decide which lines of code are evaluated, or how many times to evaluate them. In ‘JS control statements’ you will get the knowledge about flow control in programs and also which will describes the use of if statement, if else statement, switch statement, while loop and the for loop etc..

    • 3 Videos
    • 3 Hrs
    • 25 Problems
    JS Objects, Number, Boolean

    In this topic you will learn about objects, numbers and boolean. Javascript object is a collection of properties. Object properties are usually variables that are used internally in the object's methods, but can also be globally visible variables that are used throughout the page. The Number object represents numerical date, either integers or floating-point numbers. The Boolean object represents two values, either "true" or "false".

    • 2 Videos
    • 3 Hrs
    • 25 Problems
    JS Strings

    String is an object that represents a sequence of characters which is used to store and manipulate the text. In this topic you will learn about string properties, methods, how to encrypt and decrypt text, ‘validating alphabets’ which is used to check whether the required field in the HTML form contains only letters, match and equal functions.

    • 2 Videos
    • 4 Hrs
    • 30 Problems
    JS Arrays

    Arrays are a powerful and comprehensive tool of JavaScript which is used to store multiple values in a single variable. In this module you will get information about its properties, methods, merging arrays and validating duplicate events.

    • 2 Videos
    • 4 Hrs
    • 29 Problems
    JS Functions and Events

    In this module you will get complete knowledge about javascript functions and events. In Js function you will learn how to define a function, adding parameters to it and about the return values. Events are an action which occurs when the user or the browser manipulates a page. In Js Events you will get to know about different type of events and how the event functions used in JavaScript.

    • 3 Videos
    • 5 Hrs
    • 30 Problems
    JS Date, Math, RegExp & Validations

    The role of this topic is to give information about JS Date, Math, RegExp &Validations. In Date Object topic we will see about the retrieval of date and times, syntax to be used and its parameters. In RegExp &Validations we will learn about how well we can validate the fields inside a form.

    • 3 Videos
    • 5 Hrs 15 Mins
    • 54 Problems
    JS DOM Events and Event Listeners

    In this topic we can understand about where to use DOM events and Event Listeners and its working. HTML DOM events allow JavaScript to register different event handlers on elements in an HTML document. The addEventListener() method attaches an event handler to an element without overwriting existing event handlers.

    • 2 Videos
    • 4 Hrs
    • 30 Problems
    JS Error Handling

    In this module you will learn about how to handle and fix errors on your websites, you will get full information about different types of statements like try, catch, throw and finally with simple programs to practice.

    • 3 Videos
    • 3 Hrs
    • 26 Problems
    JS Multimedia & Image Map

    In JS Image maps you will get information about how an image on a web page that provides various links to navigate to other web pages or some sections of the same web page and also uses of different tags like , and tag. In Js Multimedia you will get to know about the concept of Multimedia in JavaScript with different types of formats like videos, music, sound animations and much more.

    • 2 Videos
    • 4 Hrs 30 Mins
    • 29 Problems

    In this module, lets do a assessment on the knowledge & skill acquired and the confidence on completing our objectives defined in previous modules.

    • 1 Problems
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    You will Learn through our Scientifically Designed & Proven 5 Step Practice Oriented Learning Process
    In this session, you will find video lectures and other resources to learn the concepts.
    In this session, you will start designing and creating your own programs.
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    In this session, you will have activities to self assess your knowledge and skills on the specific topic.
    In this session, you will find varieties of exercises to improve your code analysis, testing and debugging skills.
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