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Pre Recruitment Engagement

Engagement is everything in the world of recruiting. On one hand, through a series of engagement activities, we need to elicit that desire in the prospective candidates to be a part of your organization. On the other hand, as a Corporate Social Responsibility, corporates need to work towards strengthening the technical education and in grooming the budding young talents to build a strong India. E-Box platform can be leveraged to engage potential hires --- both in eliciting the desire in them to join your organization and in training them in all foundational skills and in all niche skills needed by your organization.


  1. Selection from an already skilled pool of candidates

  2. Longitudinal learning analysis data of the prospective candidates is already available

  3. Learners can learn anywhere, anytime at their own pace


  1. The duration of preonboarding and onboarding phase gets reduced.

  2. The quality of the recruits is better.

  3. Recruitment process becomes more effective.


  1. Corporate Posts Job Requirements

  2. Corporate Posts Skill Requirements

  3. Candidates register for the skill based courses

  4. Candidates share their portfolio

  5. Candidates can start acquiring the skills required for this role

  6. Candidates can review their learning by participating in code challenges

  7. Candidates can get their doubts clarified by peer collaboration

Pre Onboarding Engagement

A strong pre-onboarding process engages new hires during the uncertain phase from offer acceptance until their first day on the job. Pre Onboarding period is a golden opportunity to sustain the euphoria of a new job. Organizations have a tremendous opportunity to address their recruitment, retention, and productivity challenges by leveraging pre-onboarding. E-Box platform can be effectively used in this phase to constantly engage the hired candidates by providing them with a set of structured learning programs and to keep them glued to their learning goals and tasks.


  1. All foundational training needs can be covered in this phase itself.

  2. Potential talents can be identified in this phase itself and they can be groomed for niche roles.

  3. Learners can learn anywhere, anytime at their own pace.


  1. The duration of the Onboarding phase will get reduced.

  2. Exceptionally good candidates can be directly deployed in the projects.

  3. The learning data that is available can be used to sequence the order in which candidates join.

  4. The learning data would also help in mapping them to suitable roles or other advanced training programmes.


  1. Corporates identify different learning programs or tracks based on their current demands and needs.
  2. Corporates assign the recruited candidates in one of the learning tracks.
  3. Candidates start their learning process.
  4. Candidates participate in various code challenges to prove their mettle.
  5. Candidates can get their doubts clarified by peer interactions.
  6. Candidates can interact with the experts from the organization in the live sessions and master classes.

On-Boarded Fresher’s Training

A new job brings with it new opportunities and challenges. Onboard freshers training programs should be designed to help the newbies seemlessly fit in their new job role. A well designed and well managed Onboard Training Program helps increase performance while reducing stress and turnover. Onboard training programs sould focus on content and training methodologies to enable quicker knowledge transfer and retention. E-Box services can be utilized to deliver blended learning and training programs in the Onboarding phase to make the learning effective, engaging and personalized for the learners.


  1. A systematic practice oriented approach to learning

  2. Different Unstructured learning components to sustain the interest level

  3. Complete data driven, process driven approach to training


  1. Candidates can be mapped to appropriate projects and roles based on their skill levels

  2. High speed to productivity

  3. Retention will be more

  4. Aligning with the Organizational goals and vision


  1. Corporates identify different learning programs or tracks based on their current demands and needs.

  2. Corporates assign the recruited candidates in one of the learning tracks. Their learning data from the preonboarding programs would help Corporates in classifying them as Fast Learners and Normal Learners and to schedule their learning accordingly.

  3. Candidates start their learning process.

  4. Candidates participate in various code challenges and unstructured learning activities to prove their mettle.

  5. Candidates can get their doubts clarified by peer interactions.

  6. Candidates can interact with the experts from the organization in the live sessions and master classes.

Employee Re-Skilling

The skills required for the jobs of today are changing rapidly. Entire industries are in the midst of rapid transformation brought on by the advent of new technologies. According to NASSCOM report, nearly 40% of India's total workforce needs re-skilling over the next 5 years, to keep up with technology trends that are pervading every major industry. New, emerging technologies like Big Data analytics, AI, and Machine Learning demand the IT industry to be more agile and adaptive than ever before. Hence, one way to ensure that happens is if organisations invest both time and money into reskilling and upskilling their workforce. E-Box platform can be effectively used for the design, development and delivery of various types of upskilling and reskilling programs.


  1. Tailored content to suit growing demands

  2. Skill based learning and training

  3. Accurate data metrics to track learners progress


  1. Increased Productivity

  2. Cost Effectiveness

  3. Staff Retention

  4. Customer Satisfaction


  1. L&D team plans for short-term and long-term courses on advanced technologies.

  2. Candidates register for the courses and participate in the learning activities.

  3. Candidates take up periodic assessments.

  4. Candidates take up a final assessment to certify themselves as skilled and production ready in that technology.

Our Talent Services

Employee Certifications

The Employee Skill management in many of the corporates happens thru self-declaration of skills by employees in the HRMS systems or in the resumes in the current scenario. The self declaration of skills needs to be validated by project teams by conducting technical discussion with the employee. The methodology followed results in lot of time and effort before the suitable candidate is identified

With Employee Certifications option, corporates can standardize and benchmark employee skill proficiency using assessment methodologies. The approach provides a win-win situation for employees and project teams as the employee certifications serves as key validation method for identifying the right employee for the project requirements


  1. Employees declare their skills and take up assessments based on proficiency level
  2. The assessments are auto-evaluated and provide in-depth analysis
  3. Unbiased judgement and scoring, with detailed analytics report
  4. Assessments can be taken up by employees in proctored/unproctored mode


  1. Employee skill certifications will serve as validation for mapping an employee to given project requirement
  2. Skill Proficiency fitment issues can be reduced
  3. Project teams can ramp up quickly with reduced time and effort
  4. Project teams can perform skill map analysis and identify upskilling oppotunities with minimal effort


  1. Corporates can select the skill assessment that are required for employees
  2. Corporates can set the skill assessment at different proficiency levels
  3. Employees can opt and self declare the skill and proficiency level
  4. Employees can plan and schedule assessments for the skills that have been declared
  5. Employees can take up assessments on scheduled time
  6. Assessments will be auto-evaluated and in-depth analysis reports provided
  7. Skill certifications will serve as validation for mapping into project role requirements

Skill Based Resource Optimisation and Forecasting

Auto-evaluated assessments focus on evaluating the skill proficiency of the existing employees and the assessment results help in defining the skill levels of the existing project team. Detail Skill gap analysis using the validated skill details of the current team members will help in identifying the strong and weak areas of the team across the in-scope skills.

The Skill gap analysis and employee level skill mapping will provide in-depth view of the employees skills and provide required inputs for performing the Resource optimization. Forecasting of resource requirements in the projects can be creating using the Skill analysis tools


  1. Validated skill information utilized for performing skill gap analysis
  2. Employee level analysis provides the fitment level of the employee for various positions within the projects
  3. Skill based Resource optimization provides detailed view of existing employees match to the project requirements as well as gaps in the skill areas
  4. Project Resource Requirement level analysis provides a detailed forecase of future resource requirements based on skills


  1. Resource optimization performed used quantitative and standardized skill data of employees
  2. Ease of identification of skill mismatches between project skill requirements and existing employees
  3. Skill gaps forecast the future skill requirements of the projects including recruitment, upskilling etc


  1. Corporate employees are enrolled in Skill assessment platform
  2. Employees self-opt for the skill assessments and get the skill validated at the skill proficiency level
  3. Project Managers are provided access to standardized skill assessment details of all the existing employees in their respective projects
  4. Project Managers can map Employee's validated skills against the various skill requirements in the project and identify the best fit
  5. Project Managers can map Project skill requirements and available employee's skills to get the right fitment
  6. Skill gap analysis provides a detailed view of future project skill requirements in the projects and focuses on forecasting the skill needs of the project based on which future internal search, external search, upskilling etc can be planned

Skill Analysis for Exit Employees

Employee exit from corporate requires in-depth analysis from skills perspective to identify the current challenges in retention, current trends happening in recruitment and develop suitable retention plans for top skilled employees. Exit Employee skill analysis helps in identifying potential shortage of a particular skill within company. Consolidated Summary can serve as important input for future recruitment and training plans


  1. Skill Analysis of Exit Employees provides detailed view of the type of employees taking exit and develop plan to control attrition in key skill areas.
  2. Skill gap analysis with last effective project provide detailed analysis of skill mismatches
  3. Identifies common trends in skills among the exit employees and develop recruitment plans
  4. Can help in setting focus areas by identifying skills with high attrition rate


  1. Retention of top talent in skills in demand thru proactive options
  2. Forecasting of skills shortage and adjustment of recruitment plans


  1. Employees complete skill assessment and results are used for joining the project
  2. Skill gap analysis of employees taking exit against their last effective project
  3. Consolidated summary of Exits at Skill level carried out at monthly/quarterly/annual/as needed frequency
  4. Categorization of Skills based on attrition rate in the skill-gap
  5. Identify skill shortage and share input for developing recruitment and training plans

Talent Rank - Our Hiring Services

Talent Rank

Recruitment is the key to the success of any organization. The hiring process can build / affect brand reputation. Technology advances at a pace we can hardly keep up with. so it is necessary to find candidates who have skills, knowledge and ability to adapt to this change. We provide a comprehensive assessment platform - "Talent Rank", that automates the entire hiring assessment process. Our assessments are scientifically defined to help you evaluate candidates in a holistic manner.


  1. Auto-evaluation to maximum depth
  2. Randomized Assessments
  3. Superior Question Banks
  4. Indepth analysis reports highlighting areas of strength and weakness


  1. Competitive Advantage in the market
  2. Identifying employees with high potential
  3. Cost and Effort of hiring is reduced
  4. Reaching a wider set of candidates across locations


  1. Client requests for an assessment
  2. Client can configure their own assessment or we can design assessments based on the blueprint provided
  3. Candidates register for the drive or a list of candidates can be sent an invite through mail
  4. Candidates registered for the drive take up the assessment
  5. Results and detailed analytics reports are published

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