Can you imagine our world a decade or two from now? It is difficult isn’t it?
That is because of the rate at which the world is changing. A decade or two is not far away at standard pace of time, but is far at the rate at which life is changing. It is important to match the pace of change to be successful or we are sure to be left behind.
What would it take for the i-Generation or the generation Alpha to be successful? The solution is simple; they should start speaking to machines. Sounds weird?
Did it not sound weird when people said that AR Rahman, as a child could speak to a keyboard or that Illayaraja spoke to a harmonium? Today each of the two is a maestro. We all have seen kids speaking to toys. Haven’t we? Hence, speaking to machines is not weird. It will not be. Unless, you are a pre-telephone era person watching someone speak to a Bluetooth device.
Anything that appears weird at the beginning will very soon become the new normal. Like the masks and the PPE that we use today.
Having said that, is it difficult to speak to computers? Certainly not. Computers carry our logical operations they are instructed to carry out.Therefore, now is time for gen Alpha or the i-Generation to start speaking to machines. We know that children can learn any language easily. Be it Hindi, French, Armenian or Chinese, it is easy for them to learn. So is coding. Parents should encourage children to learn coding which is nothing more than a logical language. This logic is what we commonly call grammar in human languages.

For that reason, reprimanding children for spending time coding on computers may turn out to be a crime that you will not be able to forgive. Computers are being taught how to attain intelligence and as a result they are becoming more and more intelligent. This is what we call industry 4.0. Our kid will be dealing with more intelligent machines than humans who eventually would be super intelligent. It is going to be a smart world of IOT. Our kids would be enabling and disabling machines to carry out clever activities. From now on, coding becomes a mandatory skill that every child needs to learn from a very early age. This is where it gets tricky opening the doors for exploitation.
It is no prophesies that our children will be dealing with clever machines that will outnumber humans. The time is not far away but, it is going to be a far different from the present world. However, it will be much simpler and easier. Many businesses try to cash in on the emergence of industry 4.0 by creating hype about coding.
Don't fall for Balloon Marketing tricks
It is important not to get carried away when people impress your child with an animation and claim that to be coding or you should not let off your guard when people exploit your momentary excitement on seeing your child's happiness and throw a clean bold word saying that your child is very intelligent. This is what is called balloon marketing. Like how a balloon seller turns your child's attention with colored and designed balloons. It is marketing gimmicks by turning your child's attention through a simple animation or through a trial coding session and swindling lakhs of rupees from parents with attractive claims that their child is good at learning coding.
The fact of the matter is that anybody can learn coding. Teaching computers how to behave is as simple as taming a pet at home. Most children know how to realign cycle chain. Similarly, they will learn coding to realign, repair, create, and destroy intelligence in things. Things here would mean tables, chairs, water bottles, books, doors and just about anything that is becoming intelligent. So, coding becomes mandatory for your child. No doubt about that! Allow them to learn to teach computers on how to behave logically and intelligently.
What do our Learners have to say ?
I love the way E- Box teaches topics in such detail. The practical examples along with the Practice quizzes makes me skilled in each
Harihara Budra P, XII std

Harihara Budra P, XII std

You need not spend lakhs to learn coding? Not at all!
In real terms, you just need to pay a fee equivalent to what you pay a music teacher, a language teacher or a computer teacher. Anyone can learn coding. It's a language spoken in an orderly manner with logics to get the desired output. As simple as that! Problem solving skills is the first important skill your child needs to attain. This can be attained in mathematics classes to start with and can be carried on with how problems are solved in various areas of life. These logical solutions need to be taught to a computer through a language. The logical infusion of programs into computers is called as coding. And this can always be learnt from an early age. When coding skills are enabled in children right from early age you will find rare prodigies like A.R.Rahman in music. Not every skilled child will become a Prodigy as claimed by the business world. Do not let business people create a hype and exploit you in the name coding like the way they do for NEET or JEE coaching. Not every kid would be a doctor or an IIT engineer. Remember, unlike medicine or engineering, coding is an essential skill and it needs coaching too. Becoming an expert coder depends on how much time the child spends on practicing coding.
It's always exciting for a child to learn or evolve a solution to a problem, and immediately attempting to teach a computer on how this problem is solved through a language understandable by the computer.
For a child, it's like learning a game or a trick, and then being excited to teach it to a neighborhood friend immediately. The friend in this case is the computer.
To conclude, coding is a skill that can be attained through coaching and practice. It can be learnt with affordable fees. Awareness regarding the following among parents and teachers is the need of the hour.
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