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Technology Enabled, Highly Scalable, Active Learning and Assessment Platform for Technology and Engineering Domains with Powerful Auto Evaluation Features

The LMS with Assessment Capabilities

LMS and Assessments Integrated

E-Box platform is built with a proprietary LMS base which makes both assessment and learning management integrated. E-Box platform has numerous activity components pertaining to technology and engineering concepts that could be used for design and analysis oriented learning. These components are also used for assessing the design and analysis skills of candidates, apart from the regular knowledge level testing.

100% Fresh Content

E-Box offers fresh question banks for every assessment and recruitment with 100% surprise factor. Our extensive portfolio of customized course contents are created in such a way as to describe complex technical concepts and ideas clearly, coherently and reader friendly. E-Box also offers a wide collection of problem sets that are themed in interesting and entertaining ways using contexts that should be familiar and meaningful to all novice programmers.

LMS and Assessments Integrated

E-Box has learning and assessment process configuration mechanisms to accommodate various innovative practices like competitive sessions, gaming sessions, social activity models etc.. Every activity of the learner in the system is captured and proctored with an audit trail mechanism.

Reports and Visualization

E-Box contains Data visualization for scientific analysis of learning and assessment data for process tracking and candidate performance.

First product with powerful auto-evaluation features

E-Box is the first product which auto evaluates to the maximum detail. E-Box has the capability to auto-evaluate any sort of components including Programming, DBMS queries of MySQL/Oracle/DB2/MSSQL/MangoDB, an integrated project with DB connectivity, Web projects at framework levels with Maven integration, auto evaluation of OOAD and Software Engineering Process, VLSI and Embedded Systems.


Our approach to education is to nurture young talent and provide a support system to facilitate employable skills for the weaker society.

Languages and Technologies Auto Evaluated

C, C++, Java, C#, Perl, Python, Unix, .NET, Groovy, Scala, R, Clojure, Objective C, Haskell, Ruby, Pascal, COBOL, TCL etc.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS and MEAN stack

Java / J2EE Frameworks, Spring MVC, Hibernate, ASP .NET, Android applications etc.

MySQL, MSSQL, ORACLE, DB2, Mongo DB, Teradata

Selenium, JUnit and Nunit

Embedded Systems, VLSI Design & Verification, Analog & Digital Electronics, Electrical Circuits and Systems.

E-Box Exclusive - Higher Order Skills Auto Evaluation

Enterprise Application Development Skills
Machine Learning Algorithms
In-Depth ML Skills and its Application
Data Engineering and Data Mining Models
Application of Data Engineering Skills
Product Engineering Process Models
Domain Specific Application Development
Automated Testing
Core Technology Architecting
Android Framework and Application Development

Our Differentiators


We are the only company which partners with College students from day one of their semester and continues to enhance the students’ employable skills until they enter a company.


Our unique approach in providing continuous competency assessment has earned many accolades in the industry.


As on organization we pride ourselves in providing the best services at an appropriate price as our focus is in partnering with you to create an impact across the organization.

About E-Box

E-Box is a Technology Enabled Active Learning and
Assessment platform for technology and engineering
domains apart from the basic LMS components like
quizzes, assignments, lesson components.

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